A Call for the Next Phase in the Resistance.

It’s our country–time to take it back. Public education isn’t working? Then fix it–don’t break it even more–and blame the universities, principals, administrators as partners in this failure–not just teachers, unions, parents. Privatized charters,accountable to no one, ARE NOT THE ANSWER. Every child in this country deserves an excellent public education from pre-school through college.

Let’s skip elementary and high school and talk about the college level of education and ask ourselves a few questions: 1) there’s hypothetically no inflation–why have tuitions skyrocked; 2) banks are receiving taxpayer subsidized loans at one percent–so why are they passing it on to students and their families for 8%–usury rates; 3) why are universities still getting tax-exempt, tax-free money to keep building more buildings while firing professors and hiring adjunct professors for wages they can’t live on with no benefits while administrators of those universities are averaging over $1,000,000 a year in salary and perks; 4) why are we allowing an elitist education system even at state universities.

This business model of greed is the same one being used by the medical system, corporations, private prisons, airlines, etc. and our education system. Don’t accept it; don’t buy it. When you’re told they have to answer to the shareholders or big donors, don’t believe it. These are heartless, money-first libertarians, neo-liberals, neo-cons who care only about their own massive accumulation of profits at your expense –you don’t matter–our children don’t matter–just their profits and power. To hell with families and a lifetime of debt because of insane tuition and loan costs at a time of faculty cuts and low inflation.