Peter Greene: Why So Many Teachers Turned Against Common Core.

It’s not difficult to see what’s happening in this country in every area of society. Neo-liberals, neo-cons, plutocrats, many who don’t pay taxes via their multi-natinal conglomerates, want to privatize our schools for profit and for those still public, want to ram the Common Core down our collective throats as a means of testing kids non-stop rather than working on a well-rounded education for all, and judging teachers, no matter what environment they teach in, based upon those same standards. It’s confusing to some as to why Christian fundamentalist are against Common Core–it’s for a whole different reason– they don’t want any federal anything and Common Core is attempting to have one national standard for all our kids. But most of us who were/are teachers/parents dislike it for the reasons Diane Ravitch writes about all the time in herblog–just because you’ve made billions (Gates, etal) doesn’t give you the right to decide what’s best for the rest of us–particularly in education.

Peter Greene: Why So Many Teachers Turned Against Common Core
The conservative journal “Education Next” reported a poll showing that support for Common Core…